LEGESTHORSE is a Law Firm specialized in equine law, settled in Barcelona and founded by Isabel Margarit in 2005.

Isabel Margarit is experienced on international commerce and contract law, urban and land law, sports law and animal welfare law. She holds a post-graduate degree in Urban Execution Systems (UAB-2004) and a Master on sports law (2010-2011).
Foreign Languages: English and French.

Isabel Margarit has merged her passion as an active rider in dressage competition and her nearly 30 years of professional experience, providing assistance, legal advice and defense in the equestrian sector. She has defended successfully a large number of cases related to horse-transport or riding accidents, purchase contracts and termination, sport discipline and doping cases and urban plans for new riding facilities’ settlement or existing facilities’ adequacy to the rules in force.


LEGESTHORSE es un bufete especializado en derecho equino, con oficina en Barcelona y fundado por Isabel Margarit en 2005.

Isabel Margarit es experta en derecho contractual internacional, derecho urbanístico e inmobiliario, derecho deportivo y de bienestar animal. Tiene un postgrado en Sistemas de Ejecución Urbanística (UAB-2004) y un Master en derecho deportivo (2010-2011).
Idiomas extranjeros: Inglés y Francés.

Isabel Margarit ha unido su pasión como amazona activa en la competición de doma clásica y sus casi 30 años de experiencia profesional, proporcionando asistencia, asesoramiento legal y defensa en el sector ecuestre. Ha defendido con éxito un gran número de casos relacionados con el transporte de caballos, accidentes hípicos, contratos de compraventa o resolución de los mismos, disciplina deportiva y dopaje y planes urbanísticos para la implantación de nuevas instalaciones ecuestres o adecuación de instalaciones existentes a la normativa en vigor.

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Founded in: 2005
Country: Spain
Isabel Margarit - Photo

Paulo de sousa

Paulo de Sousa

My name is Paulo Norberto Meireles de Sousa and i was born in Matosinhos, Portugal, on February 21, 1962. I graduated in Law at the University of Coimbra. The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest in Europe, it was founded on March 1, 1290.

The Law School in the University of Coimbra is the most prestigious one in Portugal. At the time, it was also the most demanding and difficult. After my internship in a law firm, I am enrolled in the Portuguese Bar Association since December 14, 1992.

Since then I work exclusively as a lawyer, in the city where I was born, in my office. I also collaborate with the Bar Association Internship Center and I was part of the deontological council of the Bar Association.

Founded in:
Country: Portugal
Paulo de Sousa
Paulo de Sousa

Studio Legale Giardino

Studio Legale Giardino

Vincenzo Giardino is an active rider in show jumping for 40 years, he transformed his passion into work specializing in anti-doping legislation and founding an Italian network of equestrian lawyers. The firm specializes in judicial and extrajudicial assistance both before the Italian Federal Courts and before the FEI Court.

Vincenzo Giardino is a contract professor at the University of Florence in the field of anti-doping where he holds a post-graduate master's degree. The Firm has offices in major Italian cities and each of the referents is first and foremost a horse man as well as being a talented lawyer.

The Firm is able to provide assistance in all respects in the field of equestrian law.

Founded in:
Country: Italy
Vincenzo Giardino
Vincenzo Giardino



KSA offers legal and transactional services tailored to the needs and nature of the client.

KSA's main areas of practice are business law, commercial and civil litigation, insolvency and bankruptcy law, construction law, environmental and land planning law, labor and administrative law, real estate law, non-contentious proceedings, estates, security interests and equine law.  Equine matters at KSA are handled by Me Julien-Pierre Côté, himself a breeder of high quality showjumpers and a longtime horse enthusiast, supported by a very competent team of professionals in each relevant field of expertise. We have represented clients in matters relating to horse sales and purchases, lease agreements, horse co-ownership, boarding agreements and vendor’s liability. We have also represented other professionals such as veterinarians with regards to disciplinary and professional issues. We can also support our clients’ needs in connection with sports law matters.

KSA’s clients are mainly business people, including individuals from Quebec. However, our professionals regularly intervene in Ontario and, occasionally, in Canada, in United States, and in the territory of the European Union. KSA provides services in French and English.

KSA values teamwork, which ensures an operational capability far exceeding individual capabilities of its members. Providing an integrated offer of legal services, KSA can rely on a team of lawyers and notaries, as well as on a large network of experts and advisors widely recognized for their experience and competence.

Presence and expertise is the philosophy behind KSA's work. Therefore, KSA’s commitment to you is DELIVER ... IN TIME ... ALL THE TIME.

Founded in:
Country: Canada
Julien-Pierre Côte
Julien-Pierre Côte

Schelstraete Lawyers

Schelstraete Equine Lawyers

Our work for foreign clients is carried out primarily within the fields of Company Law and Equine Law. When it comes to these legal fields, Schelstraete Lawyers prides itself on its extensive experience and insight into the effects of cross-border transactions.

In order to be able to best promote the interests of Dutch companies and private individuals abroad, we avail ourselves of the know-how of law firms and/or tax specialists in most EU countries and the United States; we maintain close ties with these professionals who apply the same practically oriented approach we do.

In the legal field, equine law is considered a niche. For Schelstraete Lawyers, however, this is not the case.

With over 30 years of experience, we are a trendsetting firm in this field. Mr L.M. (Luc) Schelstraete, LLM, active at the time as a rider in dressage and combined competition sports, was asked with increasing frequency to answer legal questions related to the equine sport. Eventually, this led to several employees at the firm becoming active, on a daily basis, with many topics directly related to the equine sport such as:

  • drawing up contracts for the purchase and sale of horses and ponies, at a national and international level;
  • providing advice and assistance to clients in litigation relating to the purchase and sale of horses and/or ponies;
  • legal evaluations of veterinary reports involving the purchase and sale of horses and/or ponies;
  • the drafting and assessment of contracts concerning partnerships between horse owners, equestrian sport companies, sponsors and their riders/horsewomen;
  • assisting horse owners and/or riders in disciplinary proceedings at a national and an FEI level;
  • assisting veterinarians with legal matters;
  • advising and providing guidance to professional (equestrian) organisations in the civil law field.

We are extremely well-versed in the terminology and highly knowledgeable about the specific culture of those active in the equine sport, be it on a professional or amateur level. This familiarity with the sport, including the legal knowledge and experience of the veterinary aspects of this field, are necessary in order to properly advise and guide clients involved in these activities.

We are more aware than most of the latest developments in the field of international equine law.

As a result of this prominent position, we are often asked to provide lectures and classes related to this field, and we publish articles on a regular basis in both national and international trade magazines. Under the name European Law Review, we write a regular column for the global edition of BCM’s Horse International. Besides that, we also discuss legal cases on a weekly basis for the websites Horse International and Horses.nl.

Schelstraete Advocaten

Schelstraete Advocaten is een onafhankelijke advocatenkantoor wat zich primair bezig houdt met het Hippisch recht. Hierin hebben wij ruim 30 jaar ervaring en zijn wij ondertussen uitgegroeid tot een zeer gerenommeerd kantoor.

Hiernaast hebben wij ook medewerkers in dienst die u bij kunnen staan met uw kwesties inzake Ondernemingsrecht én Arbeidsrecht. Ons doel is het aangaan van een langdurige samenwerking waarbij wij uw meedenkende partner zijn die proactief oplossingen aanlevert om uw vraagstukken te beantwoorden. Op onze site vindt u informatie over de praktijkgebieden waarin wij gespecialiseerd zijn en onze advocaten.

Wij zijn al ruim 30 jaar thuis in het hippisch recht; ervaren, gedreven, betrokken en toonaangevend. Mr L.M. (Luc) Schelstraete, toen nog als ruiter actief in de dressuur- en samengestelde wedstrijdsport, werd destijds meer en meer benaderd om juridische vragen met betrekking tot de hippische sport te beantwoorden. Eén en ander heeft ertoe geleid dat inmiddels meerdere medewerkers van het kantoor dagelijks bezig zijn met vele onderwerpen, rechtstreeks verband houdende met de hippische sport zoals:

  • het opstellen van koopcontract paard en pony, op nationaal- en internationaal niveau;
  • het verstrekken van adviezen en het bijstaan van cliënten in procedures over de aan- en verkoop van paarden en/of pony’s en het juridische beoordelen van veterinaire rapportages met betrekking tot de aan- en verkoop van paarden en/of pony’s;
  • het concipiëren en beoordelen van contracten betreffende samenwerkingsverbanden tussen paardeneigenaren, paardensport bedrijven, sponsors en hun ruiters/amazones;
  • het bijstaan van paardeneigenaren en/of ruiters in tuchtzaken op nationaal- en op FEI-niveau;
  • het bijstaan van dierenartsen op juridisch terrein;
  • het adviseren en bijstaan van professionele (hippische) organisaties op de terreinen van civiel recht.

Onze aanpak

Of Schelstraete Advocaten nu optreedt voor (internationale) ondernemers of particulieren, de focus in haar dienstverlening ligt op de hoogwaardige juridische kwaliteit, vanuit een proactieve praktische benadering.

Schelstraete is een open, vriendelijk, informeel en gedreven kantoor wat sterkt is in advisering en begeleiding ter optimalisering van uw belangen en ter voorkoming van procedures in binnen- en buitenland. Indien geschillen echter niet kunnen worden voorkomen, dan wel in der minne kunnen worden opgelost, beschikken de voor Schelstraete Advocaten werkzame advocaten en procureurs allen over voldoende proceservaring om hun cliënten slagvaardig en doeltreffend bij te kunnen staan.

Daarnaast zijn wij regelmatig actief met het verzorgen van lezingen en publicaties op de diverse rechtsgebieden. Zo schrijven wij artikelen voor Horse InternationalHorses.nl. Deze artikelen zijn terug te lezen op onze nieuws en media pagina(link). Onze cliënten kunnen rekenen op maximale inzet, betrokkenheid, heldere, praktische adviezen en voortvarend optreden.

Founded in: 1989
Country: Netherlands (HEAD OFFICE)
Luc Schelstraete
Luc Schelstraete



Kevic Setalvad is a 4th Generation lawyer practising in the Bombay High Court, the Supreme Court of India and the various other High Courts across India. He commenced practice in the year 1990 and was designated as a Senior Advocate (the equivalent of a Queens Counsel in the United Kingdom) in the year 2011. He was appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India during the period 2012 to 2014, during which period he represented the Government of India in the most important matters concerning the Union of India. Kevic Setalvad’s practice is wide ranging and covers litigation in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law and International & Indian Arbitration.

Kevic Setalvad’s association in the equestrian world is as one of the prominent owners of sport horses in India. He owns a string of European sport horses which are stabled and trained on the outskirts of the city of Bangalore in India. Both his sons, Kaevaan Setalvad and Zahan Setalvad, are the premier showjumping riders of India and will be representing India’s show jumping team at the Asian Games to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in August 2018.



Founded in: 2006
Country: India
Kevic Setalvad
Kevic Setalvad


Lex Hippica

Lex Hippica was co-founded by Agnieszka Kalinowska - legal adviser with experience in the fields of civil, corporate, labour, construction and public procurement law. Experience that was acquired in renowned law firms, supporting foreign entities.

Areas of Expertise:

Taking into account an inside knowledge of the world of equestrian sports and horse breeding, the office provides legal services in following areas:

  • legal representation in cases concerning recovery of claims due to horse defects
  • drafting civil law contracts (horse sale agreement, horse boarding agreement etc.)
  • compensation recovery
  • legal representation in litigation and arbitration as well as in proceedings before the Polish Equestrian Federation (PZJ), the International Equestrian
  • Federation (FEI) and anti-doping entities
  • legal consultancy on sports law
  • legal consultancy on civil law, commercial law, labour law and private international law
  • corporate services
  • legal representation in administrative cases

Our lawyers are also authors of numerous publications on legal issues associated with the equestrian industry and we give lectures to the representatives of the equestrian environment in collaboration with the Polish Horse Breeders Association and during international horse competitions which take place in Poland such as CAVALIADA.

Founded in: 2014
Country: Poland
Agnieszka Kalinowska
Agnieszka Kalinowska



Gulliksson (founded 1975) is one of the leading law firms in Sweden within our specialized areas offering qualified advice and service within commercial law and associated areas with a special focus on intellectual property, dispute resolution, company law, insolvency law and environmental law. Gulliksson also represents individual athletes, entrepreneurs, clubs and associations at various authorities, courts and committees. We can also assist in negotiations and sponsoring contracts due to our knowledge in Sports and Media law. Our clients range from professional riders, breeders, agents, veterinarians, equine authorities and investors that each and together form the backbone and drive development in today’s modern and successful equestrian sports and business.

Gulliksson handles all kinds of business disputes – in general courts, administrative courts, authorities and arbitration tribunals. We represent clients in negotiations, court procedures, arbitration procedures, mediation, international dispute resolution and alternative dispute settlement. Our experience of processing also extends outside Sweden’s borders and our understanding and experience of equine law is extensive. Gulliksson has many employees who are active in sports in different ways, and within equine especially. Some as participants and others as board members or as representatives in reputable associations.


Gullikson (grundat 1975) är en av Sveriges ledande advokatbyråer inom våra specialområden. Vi erbjuder kvalificerad rådgivning och service inom affärsjuridik och angränsande rättsområden med särskild inriktning på immaterialrätt, tvistlösning, bolagsrätt, obeståndsjuridik och miljörätt. Gulliksson företräder enskilda idrottare, företagare, klubbar och förbund vid olika myndigheter, domstolar och nämnder. Vi kan också bistå vid förhandling av kontrakt och vid arbetet med nya sponsorer genom vår erfarenhet av idrottsjuridik.

Våra klienter omfattar professionella ryttare, uppfödare, agenter, veterinärer, investerare, företag och förbund som var och en och tillsammans utgör stommen och driver utvecklingen inom dagens moderna och framgångsrika hästsport- och affärsnäring.

Gulliksson hanterar alla slags affärstvister – vid allmän domstol, förvaltningsdomstol, myndighet och skiljenämnd. Vi för klientens talan vid förhandlingar, domstolsprocesser, skiljeförfaranden, medling, internationell tvistlösning och vid alternativt tvistlösningsförfarande. Vår erfarenhet av processer sträcker sig även utanför Sveriges gränser och vår förståelse och erfarenhet av equine law är omfattande. Många på byrån är mycket aktiva inom idrott på olika sätt och har ett stort engagemang inom ridsportsnäringen specifikt. Dels som utövare men även med styrelsearbete i olika föreningar och annan verksamhet i olika idrottsförbund.

Founded in: 1975
Country: Sweden
Cecilia Tholse Rogmark
Cecilia Tholse Rogmark

Beelen Lawyers

Beelen Lawyers

Law Office Beelen was founded in 1978 by Mr. Bert Beelen. Meanwhile the office has become a midsized office in Belgium at which 18 lawyers and 6 administrative co-workers are active.

Each lawyer has a strong specialism for a certain field of expertise in which a high level of professionalism is aimed for. The law office is known for its tradition leading to a juridical creativity and a global solution for all juridical problems at top level.

The Equine Law is one of the niches in which Law Office Beelen, and more specifically Mr. Katrien Beelen, is specialised as one of the only lawyers in Belgium. No effort is too much and the work is done fast and efficient, while keeping a perfect communication with the client.

Beelen Advocaten

Advocatenkantoor Beelen werd in 1978 gesticht door Mr. Bert Beelen. Ondertussen is het advocatenkantoor uitgegroeid tot een middelgroot kantoor in België waarbij 18 advocaten en 6 administratieve krachten werkzaam zijn.

Ieder van de advocaten heeft een sterke specialisatie in zijn of haar materie waarbij een doorgedreven professionalisme voorop staat. Het advocatenkantoor kenmerkt zich door een grote traditie die garant staat voor een juridische creativiteit en een totaaloplossing voor alle juridische problemen op topniveau.

Het hippisch recht is een van de niches waarin advocatenkantoor Beelen, en meer bepaald Mr. Katrien Beelen, uiterst gespecialiseerd is als een van de enige advocaten van België. Hierbij wordt voor de cliënt geen enkele moeite gespaard, wordt er snel en efficiënt gewerkt en staat een goede communicatie met de cliënt voorop.

Founded in: 1978
Country: Belgium
Katrien Beelen
Katrien Beelen

d’Ornano Querner Dhuin Lawyers

d’Ornano Querner Dhuin Lawyers

The d’ORNANO QUERNER DHUIN firm has a network of trusted associates and partners (lawyers, solicitors, barristers, bailiffs) in France, Europe, and in the United States, which enables it to handle the following types of cases in the best conditions:

  • Cases involving specific issues that do not fall within our partners’ specialities (e.g. intellectual property law, inheritance law, property law, banking law);
  • Cases that require filing emergency proceedings either in France or abroad;
  • Cases involving multilateral coordination (particularly the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Canada).


Founded in: 2002
Country: France
Jean-Philippe Querner
Jean-Philippe Querner

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