Gattiker Rechtsanwälte (EUAEL’s Swiss Alliance Partner) Joined The Law Firm Lanter Attorneys & Tax Advisors In Zurich, Switzerland

Gattiker Law was founded in 2013 by Dr. Monika Gattiker, who has specialised in healthcare and life sciences as well as in equine law for the last 15 years. This law boutique was recently on the list of 600 top law offices in Switzerland (top 20 in Healthcare and Life Sciences) of the Swiss Financial Magazine, based on a rating by 6500 lawyers, approx. 400 inhouse lawyers, the head legal counsels of the 500 biggest companies in Switzerland and clients of law offices.

The clients highly appreciated the specialized services of this law boutique. Nevertheless, Dr. Monika Gattiker considered it important to offer to her clients legal services beyond the narrow legal spectrum of the law boutique.

Therefore, Dr. Monika Gattiker decided to join the Law Firm LANTER Attorneys & Tax Advisors (founded 25 years ago). LANTER provides advice and litigates in many legal areas such as commercial law, contracts, tax, art, inheritance, construction, healthcare and life sciences, and equine law.

This new structure allows the Swiss EUAEL-Partner to serve the clients in a strong partnership with specialized lawyers and to cover their clients’ legal needs in many legal areas.

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