Schelstraete Advocaten wins summary proceedings with regards to lifting a seizure; The depositary is allowed to train and to compete with the horse in competitions

Schelstraete’s client – owner of a show jumping stable – was training and taking care of a horse on behalf of its owner for 1,5 years. The owner never paid a single penny for this. On request of the client Schelstraete seized and deposited the horse at a renowned stable. The owner now claims in the summary proceedings that the seizure should be lifted and furthermore claims that the horse is his and therefore – if seized – he should decide what happens to the horse during this seizure.

All claims by the owner were rejected. According to the provisional judge the seizure and deposit remain in force and the depositary decides which training and competitions are suitable for the horse.

The client was represented by mr. Amanda Brouwers and mr. Luc Schelstraete

The judgment was published at

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