Schelstraete C.S. wins Court procedure against Mexican show jumping rider and horse trader

The Court hearing took place at November 29, 2019 and the Court already rendered a verdict in this case on December 24, 2019, right before Christmas. Normally it takes the Court a minimum of six weeks to render a verdict; but in obvious cases Courts sometimes decide to render a verdict on an earlier term.

The counterparty, a Mexican show jumping rider and horse trader, claimed substantial amounts from our client. According to the counterparty our client did not pay the sale price regarding a horse in full which he claimed was owned by him and sold by our client. Furthermore he claimed that our client sold his horse without him knowing and without him paying the sale price. To top it off he claimed that our client stole his helmet and saddle, which in his opinion were worth together
€ 5000,00. The total claim of the counterparty against our client: € 175.000,00.

The counterparty sued our client in person; while in the opinion of our client he never conducted business with the counterparty in person; but via his limited liability entity (B.V.) Regarding most of the claims the Court left the answer to the question – did our client in this case conduct business in person or via his entity –  somewhere in the middle. As the claims where contradicted by our client with a credible and coherent story and the counterparties arguments where vague and incoherent and he did not substantiate the claims sufficiently the Court rejected all claims of the counterparties. The Counter party is convicted in the legal fees of our client.

Our client was represented by Luc Schelstraete and Amanda Brouwers

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