Schelstraete Equine Lawyers wins first digital case

The dispute

An international jumping rider from Kuwait had a shared ownership in seven horses and three foals together with a Dutch Stable. After spending the summer in The Netherlands for training, the client of SEL decided to go back to Kuwait and sell his ownership shares in the horses to the Dutch Stable in order to get the full ownership of the horses. Parties therefore signed a written agreement.

After being back in Kuwait the client of SEL had to conclude that the Dutch table wasn’t going to pay him for the ownership shares. That is why SEL submitted the case to the Court Gelderland, location Arnhem.

Digital case

Since September 1st, 2017 attorneys are obliged to submit their procedures at the Court Gelderland and the Court Midden-Nederland via a digital program called “KEI”. The aim of “KEI” is to make the law more understandable and the procedures quicker.    

In this case the Court ruled in favor of SEL’s client via digital judgement that the Dutch Stable is obliged to fulfil her payment for the ownership shares in the horses as agreed in the signed agreement.

U can read more about “KEI” and the digital procedure on

The client was represented by Mr. P.M. Wawrzyniak as litigator at the Court and Ms. C.M. van Zundert from Schelstraete Equine lawyers.

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