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Media & Recent cases

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Judge rules in case damaged tails – Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner)

By europeanequinelawyers | June 24, 2014

On April 24, 2014, the Amsterdam District Court ruled in a remarkable case about the damaged tails of five horses. The owner of these horses started a lawsuit against the owner of the horse who has caused this damage.  The court ruled that it was proved that the horse of the defendant, had eaten the […]

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Is my vet liable for doping?

By europeanequinelawyers | May 26, 2014

Question: My horse has tested positive for doping at an international jumping competition. Later it turned out that it was a medicine that my horse got six weeks before this competition. My vet said I could compete again after four weeks, is my vet liable? Answer Schelstraete: To hold a veterinarian liable is not easy. […]

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Who is responsibile for a pregnant mare

By europeanequinelawyers | April 28, 2014

Question: Who is responsible when I buy a pregnant mare and something goes wrong what leads to the death of the foal? And what if I bought the mare, but the unborn embryo remains the property of the vendor? Or how about this when I only bought the embryo and the mare stays with the […]

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Client of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner) wins case regarding a very ill horse

By europeanequinelawyers | April 20, 2014

Client of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner), a professional trading stable, purchased a jumping horse from an amateur rider. The horse became very ill within a few days after delivery and after several veterinary examinations on the clinic it appeared that the horse suffered from kidney cancer. The seller of the horse didn’t want […]

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Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner) wins case Matthijs Maat

By europeanequinelawyers | February 24, 2014

The Court Central Netherlands (Utrecht) vindicated Matthijs Maat from Stud Geerestein in the lawsuit between him and his former partner Aletta Swanborn. Maat was assisted by Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner). Swanborn is forced to pay € 300.000, – in advance as indemnification after the misappropriation and sale of the dressage horses U-Caro (by […]

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Court of Amsterdam ruled in favour of a Client of Schelstraete Advocaten

By europeanequinelawyers | February 18, 2014

On January 9th 2014, the Court of Amsterdam gave their final judgement in a case concerning the sale of a three year old Trakehner gelding. This case was started by the buyers of the horse and subject was if a slight remark of the left front leg would make the horse unfit for sport purposes. […]

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