Pony with permanent tendon issues sold as a top class sport pony, Schelstraete (EUAEL Alliance Partner) reaches a very advantageous settlement

Schelstraete Advocaten (EUAEL Alliance Partner) has reached a very advantageous settlement in a case regarding a pony which due to frequent tendon issues is no longer suitable to serve as a sport pony. By reaching the settlement the client not only receives a refund of the purchase price but also compensation for nearly all the expenses which were made for the pony.

The case is as follows. The seller made an offer to the client for a Z-class sport pony. Prior to the purchase a vet concluded that the pony was suffering from a tendon issue. However, now that the seller convinced our client that the pony didn’t have any tendon issues in the past, and the pony must have stumbled when running around in the paddock, the client did purchase the pony in the end.

After the sale and purchase, the client discovered that the pony did suffer from tendon issues in the past.

Despite the fact that the seller stated that it was the clients own choice to purchase a pony with tendon issues and that such a pony comes with risks they did not dare to await the judgement from the Court. The defendant eventually offered to settle for an amount which was 3.000,- euro higher than the purchase price and they would then also take the pony back.

When the counter party showed that they were willing to settle Schelstraete Advocaten, after consulting her client, started the negotiations. This was a tough choice for the daughter of the client now that she became very attached to the pony but still wanted a pony which made it possible for her to compete at a higher level as well. Due to the favourable settlement the latter finally became possible for her.


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