Claims towards Schelstraete Equine Lawyers’s (EUAEL Alliance Partner) client rejected by the Court of Den Bosch

After a long legal procedure, the Court recently put an end to the dispute between two private horse owners. The seller, represented by mr. Loeffen and mr. Schelstraete of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner), sold a horse to an amateur rider. The buyer argued that after the purchase the horse suffered from a defect (a tumour in the head which caused the horse to tilt his head) as a result of which the horse could not be used as a sport horse. The Court ruled that the buyer didn’t have enough evidence that the alleged defect was present at the time of delivery and, therefore, rejected the claims of the buyer.

The seller in this procedure was assisted by Ms. mr. Loeffen and Mr. Schelstraete of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner)

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