Fighting the Corona crisis together.

The world comes to a standstill as many countries are shutting themselves off from the rest of the world trying to fight the Coronavirus outbreak. Sport events are cancelled, boarders are closed and countries are imposing travel bans.

It goes without saying that this new situation obviously also impacts the equine business. You and your business may be facing problems with contracting parties, governments, customs and sport authorities. Your horses may be in a country that imposed a travel ban whereas you are somewhere else. You may be asking yourself what to do with your employees, how to protect them against the Coronavirus and at the same time how to protect your business and its going concern.

The Alliance of the European US Asian Equine Lawyers (EUAEL) have their representatives in all equine countries around the globe. Our EUAEL Lawyers are always by your side not only in case of emergency but also when it comes to advising you on how to face and survive this crisis. They are there for you to deal with the authorities, to (re)negotiate with your clients or suppliers, to answer your questions on the employment law, to assist you with obtaining state’s aid and to do whatever needs to be done in these difficult times.

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