KWPN Arbitration Committee grant’s counterclaim of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers’s (EUAEL Alliance Partner) client on April 20th 2015

An alternative procedure of litigation in front of a district Court is possible for KWPN-members.

According to the KWPN Procedural rules its members can bring their claims to the KWPN Arbitration Committee.

Part of the debate: Schelstraete Equine Lawyers’s (EUAEL Alliance Partner) client, a former co-owner together with a breeding station of a KWPN approved stallion, was asked to deliver the KWPN studbook paper he still had in his possession. Schelstraete Equine Lawyers answered to this claim that his client still had a right of retention on this document f.i. because of the fact that the breeding station, after several years, still hasn’t paid the client’s claim on stud fees.

After several hearings Schelstraete Equine Lawyers’s client’s claim to settle the outstanding amount is granted.

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