Olympic dressage rider Inna Logutenkova wins proceedings over payment of commissions

Recently the court ruled in favour of a client of Schelstraete Lawyers, named Inna Logutenkova, in a case about unpaid commissions in connection with the sale of horses. Inna Logutenkova trained six horses for a former owner of an equestrian training centre in North Brabant. The purpose of the training agreement was that Inna Logutenkova would participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 with at least one of the horses. Part of the training agreement was that Inna Logutenkova would receive 10% of the sales price as commission when one of the horses was sold. To Inna Logutenkova’s surprise, the former owner sold all six horses without her knowledge and then refused to pay her the agreed commission.

Inna Logutenkova was successful in proving that there was a binding agreement between the parties regarding the commission, which was due from the sale of the horses. The court therefore disagreed with the former owner, who argued that any agreement with Inna Logutenkova had ended with the sale of the horses. It ruled that the former owner was liable for the payment of the agreed commission. Schelstraete Lawyers successfully seized the former owner’s property. Following the court’s ruling, all commissions owed to Inna Logutenkova were settled.

The client was assisted by Piotr Wawrzyniak & Joelle Bongers.

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