Disputes Committee Financial Services awards client Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner) with compensation of its damages

On October the 9th 2012 a horsetrailer owned by Schelstraete Equine Lawyers’s (EUAEL Alliance Partner) client was stolen. The client submitted a request at the insurance company for compensation of the damages suffered, which the insurance company rejected.

Legally supported by Mr. B.E.J. Loeffen of Schelstraete Advocaten, the client filed a complaint at the Disputes Committee Financial Services (Geschillencommissie Financiële Dienstverlening). On the 10th of March 2016, the Disputes Committee decided that it was sufficiently proven that the client did follow the requirements set by the insurance company by locking the trailer and that it should be considered that the trailer was locked when the thievery took place. Now that the insurance company also failed to provide evidence with regards to impairment of its reasonable interests, there are no reasons for the Dispute Committee to withhold the compensation of the damages suffered by the client.

The Disputes Committee decided that the insurance company is to pay an amount of €8.888,- to the client.

Client has been supported in this legal matter by Mr. B.E.J. Loeffen of Schelstraete Equine Lawyers (EUAEL Alliance Partner).

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